Mass Times and Locations

The Parish and the Body of Christ

Dear parishioners,

Blessings of peace and joy to you!

The holy season of Lent is on the horizon, for Ash Wednesday is about a week and a half away. Fortunately for us, the fever pitch of commercialization that characterizes Christmas is toned down during Lent and Easter so that we can have some extended, quiet moment for reflection throughout the season.

While we wait for the Lenten storm to gather, I want to remind you of a few exciting projects and events that need your support.

Ash Wednesday

We shall have two Masses to help us take a solemn dive into Lent on Ash Wednesday, which is on 2/26. I urge all the parish families and friends of the parish to participate in the Holy Mass and receiving of ashes. Mass at St. Isidore’s is at 5:00 pm; Mass at St. John’s is at 7: pm. The schedule provides an excellent opportunity for students and working parishioners to be part of the beautiful Ash Wednesday tradition.

First Reconciliation

Twenty-three exciting young children in the parish will be making their First Reconciliation in preparation for first Holy Communion on February 29th.  I ask for your continuing prayers for them and their families.

2020 Lenten project.

One of the Lenten disciplines that the church urges us to embark on for both personal and communal spiritual growth is almsgiving. While some individual members of the parish continually navigate ways to assist those who are not so fortunate with economic resources, as a church, we can collectively do the same.

This year, our parish Lenten project (mainly financial) will go to support the Haiti school project that is supported by St. John, All Saints, and St. Mary’s – Vinton. The Social Justice Committee will be instrumental in organizing this year’s project. They will be sharing materials and other pieces of information intended to draw our attention to the project and update us on how much we realize.

It’s just a Lenten almsgiving discipline. Children can reduce or give up on favorite candies they take during Lent, save the cents and give towards this project.  Adults may be encouraged to fast from some favorite “goodies” and direct the money for such “likes” towards this project.

 During Lent, we sacrifice and discipline the body’s desires and taste so that we can give to others.

Many blessings,

Fr. Andrew