Mass Times and Locations

Parish Reopening Guidelines

Dear Parishioners,

Here is my introduction to the guidelines to help our parish prepare to come back to worship together.

It may not have all the answers you seek. Currently, no one really has the full answers. However, if all of us will do our best, and in good conscience think about the other person, we can successfully build our community without a major setback. Therefore, I appeal to one and all to “think ” Christ, “think” St. John, “think” family before you think of you.

NB: Social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing our hands are by far the key preventive and safety solutions we have. Other efforts outlined above may help, but we cannot rely on them much. The effort and willingness of each of us are required to ensure the protection and safety of each parishioner’s life. Let us bring Respect, Love and Compassion of Jesus to the worship space. 

Thank you & Many blessings,

Fr. Andrew