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Lyrics & New Member Welcome

Blessings of peace and joy to your families!

Here are some things for your attention:

1. Singing during the penitential rite:

The following are the lyrics of the two songs I’ve been singing during the penitential rite:

A.            It’s me

Not my father, not my mother, but it’s me, oh Lord
Standing in need of mercy.
Not my brother, not my sister, but it’s me, oh Lord.
Standing in need of mercy.

It’s me; it’s me, it’s me oh Lord
Standing in need of mercy 
It’s me; it’s me, it’s me oh Lord
Standing in need of mercy 

B.          He touched me

He touched me, oh He touched me
And all the joy that floods my soul
Something happened, and now I know 
He touched me and made me whole

2. New parishioner Breakfast Meeting

Our parish, St. John the Baptist is a thriving parish that is blessed with new members from time to time; we praise Jesus! We have decided to alter the way we welcome new families to the parish. It’s customary in the parish that someone will visit and welcome a new family in their home. The challenge that is often encountered by those who volunteer to visit the families is that sometimes a family may not be home.

But it’s even more significant that we formally welcome and celebrate new families that join our parish together to give other parishioners the chance to know and embrace them as well. So, starting September 29th, we will have a new parishioner Breakfast Meeting after Mass every three months for new families that have not yet been welcomed in that manner. 

It will be expected that a member of each committee/commission for the ministries in the parish represents the ministry to give a brief description of their respect ive ministries in a way to let the new families discover and determine which ministries are available to them, if they decide to serve in any of them.

The Breakfast Meeting is meant just for the new families to the parish and the representatives of the committees/commissions to speak.

New families will receive an invitation through an email or/and a phone call from the parish sometime before the scheduled Breakfast Meeting.

Thank you.

Fr. Andrew